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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: A Trip to the Enchanted Garden/A Trip to the Crayon Factory
A Trip to the Enchanted Garden-The Tiger family is making strawberry pancakes for breakfast this morning. When Mom looks closely in the kitchen, she realizes there are no more strawberries left. They all head out to the Enchanted Garden, where Mom Tiger shows Daniel the strawberry patch. Daniel is very curious, and learns that if he looks closely, he may be able to answer his own questions about how strawberries grow and learn something new. A Trip to the Crayon Factory- Daniel Tiger, Miss Elaina, and Katerina Kittycat take a trip to the factory to see how crayons are made. Unfortunately, O the Owl can't come because he's sick. At the factory, the kids watch the crayons being made, and Daniel looks and listens closely. Daniel has an idea to take pictures at the factory and give them to O at the end of the day, so that O can learn about crayons too! This episode deals with curiosity, exploration and learning and offers the strategy- Look closely to find out!
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