Why Is This Important to My Child?

by tr223 22. March 2011 19:27

Each of our twelve Ready To Learn workshops explains why specific concepts are important to your child's development. Children develop in four areas:

Cognitive development includes thinking, information processing, problem solving, remembering, decision making, understanding concepts, and overall intelligence.
Physical development is rapid following birth as children learn to control large and them small muscle groups. The sequence of stages in important, and providing an environment children can physically explore while they are growing is critical to all ages.
Language development is most intensive during the first three years while the brain is developing rapidly and is stimulated most by exposure to sights, sounds, and being talked to.
Social/Emotional development is critical to all other areas of development, because how children perceive their world (their ability to give and accept love, be confident and secure, show empathy, be curious and persistent, and relate well to others) affects how the brain physically develops and how they learn and process information.


 1 Benefits of the Media Literacy and the Learning Triangle

2 Rhymers are Readers: The Importance of Nursery Rhymes

3 Music Is a Must!

4 Storytelling: You Can Do It!

5 The Brain: How Children Develop

6 The FUNdamental Powers of Play

7 What Do You Do With the Mad That You Feel?

8 Who Is My Child? Understanding Temperament Workbook  Understanding your child's temperament will help you parent better. Use this workbook to evaluate temperament and gain information on how to best help your child as they explore their world.

9 Math Is Everywhere!

10 Learning Through the Early Years: The Benefits of Repetition and Variation

11 Shared Reading: Tools to Bring Literacy to Life

12 Building Blocks: The Sequence of Emergent Literacy Skills

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