KBYU Eleven Ready To Learn Participation Notebook

by tr223 22. March 2011 02:32

Here at KBYU Eleven, we have spent over 10 years serving our community by providing Ready To Learn workshops free of charge to at-risk groups, educators, parents, and caregivers. Although we are disappointed that we are no longer able to provide this great resource in person, we are very excited to expand our reach by offering these resources free on our Kids and Family website. We have had a wonderful team of people, who recognized the program's value in our community, working for the past year to be able to provide this resource.

The KBYU Eleven Ready To Learn® Participation Notebook is research based. Each of our twelve workshops include a booklist, activities, Learning Triangles, what parents can do to help children at specific ages, and why the topic is important to a child's development.

Our hope is that these videos and print resources will be used to enhance community programs, aid those working with children, support educators of child development, and educate parents about their child's development and how they can help their children learn.

1 Benefits of the Media and The Learning Triangle®

2 Rhymers are Readers: The Importance of Nursery Rhymes

3 Music Is a Must!

4 Storytelling: You Can Do It!

5 The Brain: How Children Develop

6 The FUNdamental Powers of Play

7 What Do You Do with the Mad that You Feel?

8 Who Is My Child? Understanding Temperament

8 Temperament Workbook

9 Math Is Everywhere!

10 Learning Through the Early Years: The Benefits of Repetition and Variation

11 Shared Reading: Tools to Bring Literacy to Life

12 Building Blocks: The Sequence of Emergent Literacy Skills

Complete Participation Notebook

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