Allies with Families

by Eleven 21. May 2013 09:18

Allies with Families specializes in helping families who have children with mental health, emotional, or behavioral disorders. The organization is comprised of parents who have been through the same situations and processes who would like to help others and help them find the services they need. One of their programs, "From Hope to Recovery", is a parenting class that helps parents understand their child's diagnosis, what this means for the child and their family, and ways to get the resources needed. Skills building classes are offered to help the identified child to function better in the community. "Sib Shops" also allow the siblings of those who have been diagnosed with mental health, emotional, or behavioral disorders to interact and play, helping make friends and see that they are not alone.

Because Allies with Families is a non-profit organization, all of their services are free of charge. This is thanks to several local, state, and federal grants to the organization.

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