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Huntsman Cancer Institute

by Eleven 27. March 2014 10:00

The Huntsman Cancer Institute is a cancer research facility and hospital. On April 12th the Institute will be providing free full body skin examinations for the community on an appointment basis. Utah has the highest rates of melanoma in the country. Later, free oral cancer screenings will also be offered on April 26th. The earlier any cancer is caught, the higher the rates of survival. In addition to these great services, the Huntsman Cancer Insitute also has a cancer learning center that provides services to patients and their families, as well as to the general public. They can help answer questions about cancer, health, diet nutrition, etc. The learning center even has a lending library to provide educative materials to you free of charge.

To learn more about the Huntsman Cancer Institute and their services, click here.

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Utah Youth Village

by Eleven 27. March 2014 09:26

The Utah Youth Village has been helping improve the lives of troubled families and children since 1969 after Lila Bjorklund, Utah Youth Village's founder, noticed the lack of resources available to girl's in difficult family circumstances in Utah. Since then, their programs have expanded to helping not only troubled youth of all genders, but to also help educate trouble families before the children would need to leave the home.  They are one of only 26 organizations in the U.S. and Canada to use the revolutionary Teaching-Family Model which focuses on positive reinforcement while teaching kids new skills. The Utah Youth Village helps teach children and families how to be successful at home, at school, at work, and in their lives.

To learn more about the Utah Youth Village, click here.  

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Watershed Screening

by devinvs 6. November 2013 15:53


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Mummies, Misters & Monsters

by devinvs 3. October 2013 17:02


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Ask Eleven: Ending Poverty in Utah

by Theresa Robinson 6. May 2011 14:13

316,217 Utahns are living in poverty, that is over 11% of our population. Be part of the solution. Watch KBYU-TV, CHannel 11, Fridays in May and visit Community Aciton Partnership of Utah at to see how you can EDUCATE, SHARE, and  SUPPORT.


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