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GettyReady “Learn the Address” - Essay & Video Contest

What is GettyReady?

Getty Ready Logo GettyReady is a Utah-based effort sponsored in part by KBYU Eleven, the Utah Education Network, The Utah Commission on Civic and Character Education and many others to encourage learners of all ages to memorize, study and apply the Gettysburg Address on its anniversary and beyond.

As one of the foundation documents of our Nation, the Gettysburg Address stands the test of time for its message on freedom and equality. On November 19, 1863, in 272 words, President Abraham Lincoln spoke for approximately two minutes on a rather controversial subject for the time - the idea that all human beings are equal. Rule of law and American democracy survived the turbulent Civil War, as well as 150 years of challenges and even modern conflicts since the speech. The Address deserves recognition as a seminal American text, and our school and community will be enriched by a lively, interactive celebration of its anniversary.

What is the “Learn the Address” Essay and Video Contest?

KBYU Eleven invites Utah students to enter the GettyReady “Learn the Address” Essay & Video Contest in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. This contest is an opportunity for Utah’s seventh through twelfth graders to express how they can live the Gettysburg Address after having learned it.

There are two categories for entries: essay and video. Students are allowed to make submissions to both of the categories, but students can only have one entry per category. Prizes will be given to the best video and essay in the 7th through 9th grade group and the 10th through 12th grade group. In addition to the individual prize, the grand prize winner’s school will also receive a free assembly featuring American Ride’s and the cast of Studio C.

For full contest details, download the GettyReady “Learn the Address” Contest Packet here.

GettyReady “Learn the Address” Contest Flyer
GettyReady “Learn the Address” Contest Poster

Additional Resources

GettyReady Website: http://gettyready.org/
The Address: http://www.learntheaddress.org/

Contact Information:

If you have questions, please email us at gettyready@byu.edu