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20 to Ready
Gary R. Herbert When disaster strikes, the time to prepare an emergency plan, store food and water, and collect important documents has passed. 20 TO READY simplifies the daunting task of getting your family and household prepared. Each two-to four-minute video gives you tasks you can accomplish in 20 minutes or $20 at a time. See how strategies for making a plan, getting a kit, being informed, and getting involved will help you and your family live through an emergency safely and more comfortably.

Here are important resources to help you in your planning:

Watch our Twenty to Ready Videos
Away from home kits Emergency Food
Emergency Toilet Get A Kit
Kids and Disasters Long-term Food Storage
Make a Plan Plan for Family Needs
Preparedness Paperwork Safety Survey
Shelter Basics Water Woes

A comprehensive web resource for Utah residents including helpful forms and checklists to guide your preparedness efforts: http://beready.utah.gov/

The federal government’s guide to being prepared for emergencies: http://www.ready.gov

The Twenty To Ready crew readies cast members for a scene in which the family learns about making a Family Communication Plan.